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Thornbury Swing Band
making music for good causes

Thornbury Swing Band plays swing jazz instrumental and vocal numbers from the 1930s right up to modern times - with a line up of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and male and female vocalists. All supported by a rhythm section of bass, guitar, keyboard and drums.

​None of the band is paid for playing. We give our time and enthusiasm to raise money for charity. After covering our running costs (insurance, music, etc), all money raised by the band is donated to good causes in the local area. Since 2008 we have donated many thousand of pounds to local causes.

If you would be interested in the band supporting your charity, please download our "Fundraising with a Swing" leaflet and get in touch with us via our contact page.


Like every other band, we have had to cancel rehearsals and imminent gigs because of the UK lockdown to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.
We are still meeting, via video conference, every Thursday to continue our regular 9pm tea breaks and chat. And some of us are trying to play music together online (with some technical issues!).
We wish all our friends and families good health and best wishes as we endure these difficult times as best we can, and we hope to see you all at a gig as soon as it's possible. Keep safe and well:)

making music for good causes

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